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Length: 106 minutes, including 4 minutes of previews.

A1: Sonja and Lisa.
They have a big battle with custard and apple-sauce. After that they take a clothed shower
Both girls wear green shirts, black short skirts, pantyhose and shoes.

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A2: Desiree and Yvette.
They have fun in the watery mud at the lakeside.
Both girls wear blue jeans and t-shirts.
Two photos and three video stills.

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A3: Lilian and Marilyn.
They play with lots of custard and syrup.
Lilian wears white pants, a white t-shirt, and in the beginning a short blue denim jacket. Marilyn has a blue denim shirt over an orange t-shirt and blue jeans.
Three photos and two video stills.

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A4: Bianca and Linda.
Both girls spend an afternoon with nature, and explore the sides of a muddy ditch. They start slowly wetting their shoes and pants, take a clothed swim, climb out of the water and start smearing each other with peat mud. The girls end up in a beautiful peat-wrestle. Finally, they clean themselves in the water.
Bianca wears tight light-coloured pants and a white shirt over a yellow t-shirt.
Linda has black jeans and a dark long-sleeved t-shirt.
Three photos and two video stills.

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A5: Winni and Noortje.
They play with a ball at the lakeside and have to go into the mud to get the ball out. They slowly get more and more muddy and end up having a wild mudwrestle. Finally, they (try to) clean themselves a bit in the lake.
Winni wears blue jeans and a light blue denim jacket over a pink shirt over a red t-shirt.
Noortje has light blue jeans and a light-coloured shirt over a white t-shirt.

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A6: Emmy, Bernadette, Morgaine and Igraine.
The ditches near Amsterdam are very muddy (and smelly..). The right place for a small rope-pulling contest.
The girls (of course) end up in the ditch and despite the smell of the peat mud they have a lot of (noisy) fun. In the middle of the scene, the owner of the land arrives by boat, and tells us to go away immediately, which puts an earlier end to the scene than we had expected.
Emmy wears tight dark pants and a brown leather jacket over a purple long-sleeved shirt.
Bernadette has dark pants and a purple long-sleeved shirt.
Morgaine wears blue jeans and a white t-shirt, Igraine has an orange long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans.
Two photos and three video stills.

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A7: Femke and Lori.
The two girls are picknicking in wet grassy surroundings. They drink a beer and start throwing and spitting it over each other. Soon the beer is replaced by several bottles of milk. Finally, they have a small wrestle together and clean themselves in the shallow water.
Femke wears black pants and a black t-shirt, Lori wears a denim jacket over a long-sleeved t-shirt and blue jeans.

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All photographs: Copyright (c) 1999, EE Fully Clothed Wetlook Productions, Erik Elsas.