Long Term Club MPV Memberships
Here is where you purchase 6 month memberships to Club MPV and enjoy discounted pricing plus sign-up tokens.
And of course, you still get 5 free tokens each following month!!*
Plus, you can use Paypal if you like.
Six Month Membership includes:
Full access to Membership area, including all photo sets and clips, and access to the pay-per-scene area.
10 Sign-up bonus tokens
10 Additional bonus tokens at the beginning of each remaining month

Want to sign up for a month and/or buy tokens?
Click Here
As you can see, taking advantage of these offers saves money on the membership,
and you receive more tokens than simply renewing month to month
Plus, you get the convenience of knowing the great content at Club MPV will be there for you.  No hassles!

If you want to purchase more tokens along the way, you can do that the normal way.
Just make sure that your payment information in 'My Settings' is up to date!

- How it works -
Simply choose which deal you would like, and add it to your cart.
Then, be sure to write your Club MPV user name in the 'notes' field at the bottom of the checkout page.
It looks like this -

Then go ahead and confirm your order.
If it is a new account, I will create it, add the access and signup tokens, and email you a temporary password.
If it is an expired account, I will re-activate it, update the access and add the signup tokens.
If it is an active account, I will extend the access and add the signup tokens.

If you have any problems or questions, please email me and I will fix you up.  Thanks!!

Six Month Club MPV Membership
  Includes 10 bonus tokens plus 10 tokens a month*

* 10 tokens are awarded at the beginning of each month, except for the first month, when the signup bonus tokens are awarded.
So, the
six month membership includes 60 total tokens.


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