Hi Folks,

I'm please to announce that we have upgraded our shopping cart service!   The new system is much more user friendly and provides the customer the option of securely saving credit card information.  It also allows us to offer instant response to DVD downloads.  No more waiting!  Give it a try.   There is more information in the
FAQ section.

Also,  MPV is
online.  Get over to  Club MPV and check it out!

If you're looking for the
Club MPV membership page, it's right here!

A brand new Mud Arousal DVD is now available; Aroused in Mud #16.

And, a brand new Messy DVD is now available; A Deep Mess #5. See the 'Mud Fun' video area for more info.

We now have DVDs from Muddy Pinays!  These discs contain truly exotic material and are
a great value! Click on 'Mud Pinays' on the left.

What happened to the quicksand stuff?  It's now here.


Dave Lodoski

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