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EE Fully Clothed Wetlook Productions
produces video tapes of women in wet clothing.  This means normal, everyday clothing, including shoes- and NO nudity, lingerie or other erotic outfits.  My name is Erik. From a young age I am touched by the beauty of women in wet everyday clothing, I don't know why, it is a bit like women in wet clothing show more of their feelings.

Getting wet fully clothed can be associated with a feeling of freedom and joy- not having to worry about how to keep your clothes dry.  In all the scenes, the girls show how much they enjoy getting their clothes wet. No music is added afterwards, so all original sounds can be heard.

On most of the 1998 tapes the women are shown in
clean water. On some of these tapes, the emphasis is on scenes with mud.

On the 1999 tapes, some tapes show the women in clean water, but on some other tapes the scenes are mixed; water, mud and other substances like
custard and syrup.


EE Wetlook DVD's!
Erik is converting his catalogue to DVD-R. This is exciting because the attention to video quality has always been very good - and these discs really bring the value of that effort to you.  MPV has had a chance to review several of these discs and we are proud to be able to offer these directly to our customers. Try one.  You will be impressed!
The current titles available are:
EE Wetlook 1
EE Wetlook 2


EE Fully Wetlook Trailers!
To download and view the clip, 'right click' on the link and select menu item Save Target (Internet Explorer) or Save Link (Netscape).

1998 Wetlook Trailer

1998 Muddy Trailer

1999 Wet and Muddy Trailer

2000 Wet and Muddy Trailer

Trailers for the 2001 and 2002 tapes will be available soon. Check back often!

1998-A* Water scenes. 1999-A* Mainly mud, custard etc.
1998-B* A "muddy" tape. Tape 1999-B Water scenes.
1998-C* Water scenes. Tape 1999-C Mixed water and mud scenes, leather garments.
Tape 1998-D A "muddy" tape. 1999-D* Mainly mud, custard etc.
1998-E* Water scenes. Tape 1999-E Water scenes.
Tape 1998-F Water scenes. 1999-F* Mixed custard, mud and some water scenes.
Tape 1998-G Water scenes Tape 1999-G Mixed custard, mud and water scenes.
Tape 1998-H Water scenes. Tape 1999-H Outfits with skirts / pantyhose.
Mainly water, some mud and custard scenes.
Tape 2000-A Water scenes. 2001-A* Water scenes.
Outfits with skirts / pantyhose.
Tape 2000-B A "muddy" tape, with one water scene. 2001-B* Water scenes.
Outfits with jeanswear.
Tape 2000-C Water scenes. 2001-C* Water scenes.
Outfits with in each scene at least one (artificial or real) leather garment, some leather costumes.
Tape 2000-D Watery mud/muddy water. 2001-D* A tape with emphasis on skirts / pantyhose and outside / in some cases muddy or sandy locations.
Tape 2000-E Water scenes. 2001-E* A tape with water scenes, mainly jeans / pants outfits.
Tape 2000-F Mixed custard, mud and water scenes. 2001-F* 10 water scenes, mainly pants with a few skirts.
2000-G* Water scenes.
Outfits with skirts / pantyhose.
2001-G* Outdoor water scenes, mainly pants/jeans.
    2001-H* Outdoor (muddy) water scenes,  pants/jeans.
    2001-I* Water scenes,  skirts, (often) pantyhose.
2002-A* Water scenes.
Outfits with jeanswear.
2009-1** Mainly pants, and some office-wear.
2002-B* Water scenes.
Skirts and pantyhose.
2009-2** Muddy scenes
2002-C* Leather pants and/or jackets 2009-3** Water scenes with skirts, dresses and pantyhoses
2002-D* Outfits suited for cool weather, like sweaters, ski-jackets and a bodywarmer. 2009-4** Water scenes with jeanswear
2002-E** Water scenes.
Outfits with jeanswear.
EE Wetlook 1** Mainly jeans
    EE Wetlook 2** Mainly Skirts

* available on VHS tape and DVD-R
** available on DVD-R Only


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