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NEW!  Aroused in Mud #16  NEW!

Whether it's a solo effort, or joined by a gal pal, mud is an messy conduit to sexual pleasure!  And to demonstrate this, we bring you: Sarah Michelle, Annabelle Gonovisi, Odette Delacroix, Alexia Ryan, Rockell Starbux, Sativa, Nikko Jordan and Stormy Rose.
When things get slippery, you have to rub harder. So they do!
Aroused in Mud #15

Mud on the brain. Mud on the girls. It feels good! And MPV brings it to your personal screen with style and quality....

This collectible treat includes Nikko Jordan, Summer Monroe, Annabelle Genovisi, Kendra James and Star Nine.
 Add it to your stash!
Aroused in Mud #14

Either nude, or dressed to thrill, the MPV ladies slip into the mud, enjoying the feel on their bodies, messing up their clothes and hair...

The creamy mud tastes the pretty women, sometimes two at a time.
And you get to watch....
Aroused in Mud #13

The sexy fun continues in this excellent and entertaining series!
These MPV babes know how to make mud sexy, and they like to show it off....

And all assembled for you on this value packed DVD!
Aroused in Mud #12

The muddiness continues in this awesome and stimulating series!
Hot women by themselves, or with partners, they know how to make mud sexy, and they enjoy being watched...

And assembled for you on this awesome DVD!
Aroused in Mud #11

Has waiting for this title been worth it?  You bet!
This DVD packs muddy goodies that span three shooting seasons. Women pleasing themselves in mud just won't get old....

Another must-have for the lovers of awesome mud scenes!
Aroused in Mud #10

The ladies of MPV are back in action - in the mud!

On this DVD just four beauties are all it takes to mix and match your muddy tastes in style and excitement!
Aroused in Mud #9

The excitement continues in this excellent and entertaining series!
Whether by themselves, or with partners, these gals know how to make mud sexy, and they like to show it off....

And all rounded up for you on this awesome DVD!
Aroused in Mud #8

Aroused in Mud #8 fell together perfectly, offering a very nice blend of ladies and themes to enjoy.  From playful to sublimely erotic, this DVD has it all!  Seven incredible women featured in six awesome scenes.  You can't go wrong!
Aroused in Mud #7

We finally get our DVD production geared up again!
And it's a good thing, because there is a backlog of excellent mud scenes that deserve to be enjoyed in this way.
Our DVD customers know that these titles offer serious bang for the buck.  So let's get to it, shall we?
Aroused in Mud #6

Ready for some new muddy faces (and bodies)?
You came to the right DVD, because MPV is pleased to welcome Jordana Leigh, Sarah Michelle and Ludella Hahn
to our line-up of great mud DVDs.
Aroused in Mud #5

It's finally here - Aroused in Mud Number #5.
These DVDs just keep getting hotter!  Slip in and see for yourself...
Aroused in Mud #4

Ready for another entry in this awesome series of Erotic Mud DVDs?
Aroused in Mud #4 is packed full of sexy goodies.  It offers a nice combination of dual and solo mud action!
Aroused in Mud #3

It's here - Aroused in Mud Number #3.  These DVDs just keep getting better!  Slide in and have a look...
Aroused in Mud #2

Ready for another entry in this newest series of Erotic Mud DVDs?
Aroused in Mud #2 is here!  It continues the high octane excitement ushered in by the original.  Jump in!
Aroused in Mud!

Oh my!
It's time to kick off a whole new series of sexy mud madness,
with fresh faces, fresh venues, and the same muddy sexiness that
folks have come to expect from MPV.  Jump in!
Mud Trippers Eleven!

Ready for a whole fresh round of our sexy mud vacation?
That would be handy, because this DVD delivers the
arousal mileage you are looking for!
Mud Trippers Ten!

Has this series reached maturity?
It has if you mean mature.
But there's nothing old about the action here.
It's Hot and Fresh!
Mud Trippers Nine

Get ready for some edgy mud eroticism as we
venture into multiple submersion scenes along with
the usual titillating and scintillating muckiness!!
Mud Trippers Eight

Ready to meet Natalia Chaplin and Candle Boxxx?
This DVD is the perfect way, because their first
mud scenes for MPV are personal and to the point.
Have a look!
Mud Trippers Seven

Feeling lucky?  Well you needn't worry about
numerology when considering this DVD, because it's chock full of the kind of sexy muddy mayhem folks have
come to expect from MPV.  Check it out!
Mud Trippers Six

Yea, the journey continues with yet another sexy romp
through the wild world of women, sex and mud!
It's mouth watering, but won't cause weight gain,
Mud Trippers Five

Someone should tell these ladies when to stop.
Not really, but this DVD starts out a little ominous before settling into the creamy good fun these gals hit the road for.
Mud Trippers Four

Well, these gals aren't getting any closer to home.
Not at all....
They're just getting filthier and deeper and having way too much fun to call it quits. Let the madness continue!
Mud Trippers Three

Ready for some more muddy travels?
We hope so, because here comes another six
awesome segments to get your muddy mind out of the house and into the mucky wild!
Mud Trippers Too

Well, we just can't leave the mud vacation
 thing alone. Because mud, when it's done right,
really is a great escape. And these ladies
know how to take advantage. Have a look!
Mud Trippers

What do you have when a bunch of hot women cool their heels (and a lot more) in sexy mud?
Mud Trippers, of course!
Click in, and see what mucky traveling is all about!
Call of the Mud

What do you do when you here the call?
Well, you don't stay clean, that's for sure!
It's the latest in extreme MPV mud....
Lust for Mud

These women just can't get enough mud!
Eight mud maidens take the viewer on a slippery ride with their desire for mud and each others company. Check it out!
More Lust for Mud

We go shooting dramatic stuff, but sometimes, we just want to see the gals enjoying themselves in all that killer mud. It can't be helped.
And here are the results!
Mud Lovin' Women

A fine assortment of sexy women making the most of delightfully muddy situations!
Lena, Pam, Kristine, Skylar and Brittany
know how good mud can feel,
and this video shows them truly lovin' it!
Mud Lovin' Women #2 

Here are five sure-fire scenes that leave no desires unfulfilled! Three solo and two double encounters with mud are waiting for you. If you don't know what Mud Lovin' Women are all about by now, you will after watching this!
(Because) Mud Feels Good

Why do they do it? Because it feels good! We know that, but it's still great fun to watch sexy ladies enjoy the feel of that glorious mud. Kick back and enjoy six scenes featuring MPV babes doing their thing it in the mud!
Mud Feels Good #2

Yet another terrific blend of old and new mud fun!
Lena Ramon, Jenna, Janice, Pamela Rose, Kristine and Skylar Nicholas show us how it's done. 
It's muddy. It's fun. It's another tremendous value for mud fans from MPV!

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