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Regular Mail

Obtain a check or money order (international customers please send an international money order) payable to Mud Puddle Visuals and send it to:

Mud Puddle Visuals
P.O. Box 155
Centerville, TN 37033

Please include a statement that you are at least 18 years of age, and a summary of what you want. Be sure to include the appropriate shipping fees in the payment. Thanks!

Aroused in Mud #09 AIM09 $40  NEW!
Aroused in Mud #08 AIM08 $40
Aroused in Mud #07 AIM07 $35
Aroused in Mud #06 AIM06 $40
Aroused in Mud #05 AIM05 $40
Aroused in Mud #04 AIM04 $40
Aroused in Mud #03 AIM03 $40
Aroused in Mud #02 AIM02 $40
Aroused in Mud #01 AIM01 $40
Mud Trippers Eleven MTRS11 $35
Mud Trippers Ten MTRS10 $35
Mud Trippers Nine MTRS9 $40
Mud Trippers Eight MTRS8 $40
Mud Trippers Seven MTRS7 $40
Mud Trippers Six MTRS6 $40
Mud Trippers Five MTRS5 $35
Mud Trippers Four MTRS4 $40
Mud Trippers Three MTRS3 $40
Mud Trippers Too MTRS2 $40
Mud Trippers MTRS $40
Call of the Mud COTM $40
Into the Mud ITM $30  
Into the Mud, Again! ITMA $30
Lust for Mud LFM $35
More Lust for Mud MLFM $40
Mud Lovin' Women MLW $30  
Mud Lovin' Women #2 MLW2 $35
Mud Feels Good MFG $35
Mud Feels Good #2  MFG2 $35
Mud Mud! Mud!! MMM $30
Mud in Motion MIM $20     
Major Mud Play #1  MMP1 $30
Major Mud Play #2 MMP2 $30 
Rubbin' in the Mud #1 RM1 $40 
Rubbin' in the Mud #2 RM2 $40 
Rubbin' in the Mud #3 RM3 $40 
Island Mud Action #5 IMA05 $15  NEW!
Island Mud Action #4 IMA04 $15
Island Mud Action #3 IMA03 $15
Island Mud Action #2 IMA02 $15
Island Mud Action #1 IMA01 $15
Deep Fun in the Tropics #1 DFT01 $15  NEW!
Shipping and handling (US and Canada) is $5.
International shipping costs are $8. 

Muddy Pinays DVDs
Muddy Pinays Mud Glamour #1 MPMG01 $30  
Muddy Pinays Mud Glamour #2 MPMG02 $30
Muddy Pinays Mud Glamour #3 MPMG03 $30
Muddy Pinays Mud Glamour #4 MPMG04 $30
Muddy Pinays Mud Action #1 MPMA01 $30 
Muddy Pinays Mud Action #2 MPMA02 $30
Muddy Pinays Mud Action #3 MPMA03 $30
Muddy Pinays Mud Action #4 MPMA04 $30
Shipping and handling (US and Canada) is $5.
International shipping costs are $8. 

EE Fully Clothed Wetlook DVDs
All Titles are $40 each.
1998-A 1999-A  2000-A 2001-A 2002-A
1998-B 1999-B 2000-B 2001-B 2002-B
1998-C 1999-C 2000-C 2001-C 2002-C
1998-D 1999-D 2000-D 2001-D 2002-D
1998-E 1999-E  2000-E 2001-E 2002-E
1998-F 1999-F 2000-F 2001-F 2009-1
1998-G 1999-G 2000-G 2001-G 2009-2
1998-H 1999-H   2001-H 2009-3
      2001-I 2009-4
        EE Wetlook 1
        EE Wetlook 2

Shipping and handling (domestic) is $7.50.
International shipping costs are $9.00.

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